Thursday, 14 January 2016

Material Design Color Palette for Corel Draw

As I am a fan of CorelDraw Vector Based Graphics Editor, while I have Designed some graphics thats got HIT Back to Back from Illustration to Iconography to Cartoonography(:-D) so I guess you are too, else, WTF you doing on this Post... (Winks)

Google did not create a Color Swatch for CorelDraw Pros meanwhile theres for Photoshop and Illustrator and i guess nobody gat the time nor want some pain in the Ass to switch windows to check for come Hex Values, so I taught to make one and share with the Community..

Official Material Design Color Spec Link

From the link above, You can Download Material Color Swatches for Photoshop and Illustrator

Download Material Design Color Palette - CorelDraw  (NB: It excludes the Accented Colors, in anyways you needed the Accented Colors be added, Notify me of your request)
After Successful Download, Extract the "My Palette" Folder to Your Document.
Open CorelDraw >> Windows >> Color Palette >> Enable "Material Design Color" Palette

and Voila, Have a Nice Time Designing Materialy... (:-D)

Friday, 14 August 2015

Airtel NG(Network Provider) uses Social Engineering to Lure Customers to Borrow Airtime Unknowingly

Screenshot of message from airtel
 Recently, been receiving messages from airtel-ng which are very much an annoying type. but the most common of em all is the one with the content;
To make longer calls, dial 14120 to get extra 200 naira airtime
and another
Dial 14120 to get extra 200 naira credit
All this messages not mentioning to the customer he/she is making a airtime borrowment (that's in my dictionary :-D) ...

 Borrowing Airtime

As it is known that borrowing airtime cost the customer some percentage (10%) of the borrowed airtime.


Sending this kind of message to customers s*cks which i think is Illegal and thus classified Social Engineering .. Stated in the national constitution section hmm sub-section  uhn... this should never be allowed..

And I don't think NNC(Nigerian Communications Commission) is doing anything customer favorable about it..

Friday, 7 August 2015

Why Whatsapp have the "Change Number" Option

In A Nutshell

People been contacting Me to know all possibilty for whatsapp deactivating their other phone number for dual sim device(phone) users.. Then came up the idea to write this short sermon to preach to all ear hearing that its normal as thats the way it is designed by Whatsapp Inc. 

On a neutral ground, using 2 phone numbers for a whatsapp account or to register any online account does not sound well to ones hearing.. Just being honest. So even if whatsapp make that possible i expect no body should be stupid enough to welcome such idea.. but only the geeks seems to understand most of this concept while the percentage of geeks being 5% :-P and even seems to be dropping as technology grows... Why?..


 Reasons for the "Change Number" option

  • Migrate your account payment status(not yet really active though), groups, and profile info to a new number
  • Preserve and continue the chat history with the new phone number as long as you continue using the same phone. 


 Effect of using "Change Number" option

  • Whatsapp will delete the account associated with your old number, so your contacts will no longer see your old number in their WhatsApp contacts lists.


 Note Yet Convinced?

Follow this link to read from the Official Whatsapp Frequently Ask Question Section where "Change Number" option was Elaborated..



Becareful how you use this option... in a case where you have changed your.. your friend and family will  never be able to reach you on the old number anymore which can void an urgent message wanted to be passed accross to you for one reason or the other...
Please, choose and stick to a number/Identity probably a reason one while using Online Apps e.g facebook, whatsapp etc... and avoiding some funky unstable namings like (hadehsueyi = adesuyi)..

Have a nice time being the best number switcher... :-D

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Notepadqq...Linux source editor -AlternativeTo- Windows Notepad++


Is a Notepad++-like editor for the Linux desktop.

Its still Under development but with great future and simplicity just as it is with Microsoft Windows Notepad++.
Visit Official Website for more info..

It helps developers by providing all you can expect from a general purpose text editor, such as syntax highlighting for more than 100 different languages, code folding, color schemes, file monitoring, multiple selection and much more.
You can search text using the power of regular expressions. You can organize documents side by side. You can use real-time highlighting to find near identifiers in no time.

And it’s free. And open.


-- via terminal(ubuntu distro) by typing;
 sudo add-apt-repository ppa:notepadqq-team/notepadqq && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install -y notepadqq

 -- Hit Enter button when request to confirm ppa addition..


If you so much like simplicity as it in notepad++, this is probably the best shot for you.. this replaces my gedit..

Monday, 20 July 2015

Sublime Idle-Lazy Theme(Color Scheme) for Netbeans for Web Developers

In A Nutshell

Been a while i have been trying out different IDE/Editors, but i hardly find one that quench my thirst.. All of em end up missing one thing or the other and i always find my self running back to Netbeans IDE for PHP majorly because of its features.

You'd wanna ask to know what makes me not stick to Netbeans IDE. its actually because of the Ugly font it has, no other reason. I believe most programmers desires an encouraging environment for coding, not one you'd wake up to see in some morning and feel reluctant to jump into your own coding. So then i came up to make a theme on netbeans pretty much close to what i use on sublime text editor with some extra settings to enhance your coding with less distraction of netbeans warnings/alert.


Goto netbeans menu bar > Tools > options ....
- and at the left bottom corner of the popped up dialog window, click import > locate the .zip file where you downloaded it.
- after successful import(still on the popped up dialog window from step 1)
- Click on fonts and color, then set sublime idle as your default
- have fun afterwards

What it lacks - Some kinda very clear font in sublime, but there are fix for it that i know of on Linux(Ubuntu Distro) which is called anti-aliasing(font smoothing)... But to fix it fairly;

- Locate where netbeans program files are, on your desktop
-- ~/netbeans-x.x.x for linux and should be C:/program_files/netbeans-x or documents/netbeans-x on windows
- Navigate into etc/ folder
- open netbeans.conf with a text editor, look for the line that starts with netbeans_default_options and towards the end of netbeans_default_options value quotes with diff options set separated with comma, between the quotation marks)" add this:

-J-Dswing.aatext=true -J-Dawt.useSystemAAFontSettings=<OPTION>

<OPTION> can be any of the following:
  • on
  • lcd
  • gasp
  • lcd_hbgr
  • lcd_vrgb 
  • lcd_vbgr

You can play around with each of them to see which best fits your taste.. Have a nice time coding..

NB: Restart netbeans after changes and i recommend you backup your netbeans.conf file before making changes..

Sunday, 19 July 2015

PHP7 versus Facebook HHVM

#PHP7 is right around the corner, and is scheduled to be released before the end of 2015. It runs real world apps up to two times faster than PHP 5.6 and typically faster than #hhvm.

Can’t wait? You don’t have to - Zend is providing nightly builds of the latest source tree you can easily install and play with right here and now!

PHP 7 is right around the corner, and is scheduled to be released before the end of 2015. PHP 7 is the most important development in PHP since 2004, and runs real world apps up to two times faster than PHP 5.6 and typically faster than hhvm.

Click to see the bench marks for PHPx versus HHVM

Zend offers php7 training ..


I kinda love and cant wait to explore the features of PHP7